Friday, July 13, 2012

well wishes & a hiatus update

Celebrating my 21st today, thank you to all the sweet well wishes I've received already! Wishing ya'll the same and more in return!

I apologize for what seems to have turned into a minor hiatus that I have taken, and it's going to have to last just a bit longer. Life is crazy right now ya'll! I am seriously loving my fabulous internship in addition to my day job, and with a roommate and sweet friend getting married at the end of the summer I am swamped in media kits, promos, ads, inventory sets, line sheets with a side of ivory chiffon and lace, pink ribbon, bouquets, lingerie showers and bachelorette parties! (But I wouldn't have it any other way :) )

I'll be back sooner than soon, and I'm sure I'll pop back in here shortly.
Meanwhile, thank you for all of the blessings and support, not to mention patience and understanding!

[Image via Tumblr]



  1. i hope you're having an amazing summer! I've got a new outfit post inspired by one of my favorite TV characters. I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo

  2. happy {belated} birthday to you! love that quartz weight pictured!


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