Monday, May 21, 2012

summer satchel

I've been in the market for a new handbag lately, simply something a little different for summer so that I have options and don't have to carry the same bag around with me on the daily.

Oh yes, if you didn't know, I had a handbag panic attack about a year ago and pretty much got rid of every single bag I owned except for a vintage gray snakeskin crossbody, my Longchamp, and my grandmother's Louis Vuitton. I don't end up wearing my LV nearly as much as I thought I would, save the crossbody for nicer occasions and anywhere I want to be "hands-free", which leaves the Longchamp for my everyday tote. And I love that bag, believe me, it is truly a perfect carry-all for anything I might need (i.e. Mac, textbooks, umbrella, wallet, spare cardi, etc.).

For summer, however, I'm not necessarily going to need such a vital catch-all all of the time anymore. I'm wanting something fun, but still neutral enough to be worn with most everything. I love the idea of a satchel, almost a 2-in-1 bag depending on which length you choose to sport it, and so many great styles!

The three satchels featured below each embody a different style to match whatever your go-to ensembles generally shape up to be! Loving the "Classy Lady" look from the DKNY Town and Country Vintage Leather Satchel (what?! I can't help it!)...

The Perfect Satchel for Your Style

Dooney bourke handbag
$318 -

DKNY vintage bag
£201 -

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