Wednesday, May 9, 2012

hey, what's going on over there?

You may have noticed a few things going on over here at [Midwestern] Chic, and you're right! Why yes, ladies and gents, it's time for a few new additions!

You've possibly noticed the Navigation bar toward the top right of the page that I added about a month or so ago. I created this in order to have an organized hub for anything you may need- Home, My Bio, Contact Info, etc. Now, you can also find links to my Twitter (Follow me for blog updates and other fun info, and maybe occasionally a funny tweet...if you're lucky.) and my Tumblr, all in the same spot! Nifty, huh?

The link I am most excited about, however, is for the two fabulous new buttons I have created for the blog! Thanks to the wonderful help and guidance of the sweet gal over at Classic & Glam, I was able to craft two buttons for [Midwestern] Chic! (Seriously, she was such a help! So sweet!) And taking after her ingenious idea, I would love to start a "button-swap" among my fellow fabulous bloggers, that's ya'll! If anyone out there has a button for their blog, I would be more than happy to display it in the side-bar of my blog, provided, of course, that the same be done for [M].C.
Because a little cross-promotion never hurt anyone!

Here's a preview of the two buttons I've created, what do ya'll think? Any suggestions?

[Midwestern] Chic Blog

[Midwestern] Chic Blog


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