Thursday, May 10, 2012

(arm) party in the usa

Oh Miley, that one hit wonder of yours will forever be alive in my heart. (Are you with me??)

And, what's that you say? Creative title for today's post? Oh yes, it is most definitely a Wheel of Fortune inspired "Before and After" phrase. You're impressed.

Okay, on to the actual substance of this post...
I'm having an arm party and you're all invited! Seriously, I know it's taken me forever but ya'll, I am a perfectionist with a minor case of OCD so for an occasion such as this, every detail must be artfully crafted. These are the beautiful pieces that I tend to wear on the daily. I wanted a set that would make enough of a statement without being too overwhelming, and with a design that would coordinate with anything I might wear. With that said, let me introduce you to Velina's Victoria, one of Pardes' bracelets from the Amozonite collection, and Velina's Eve! I discovered Pardes on Etsy and fell in love with the gold mesh cord and light blue bead stunner. As for Velina's beauties, I do want to take a hot second to discuss the brand- in one word...okay two words, truly beautiful. Beautiful philosophy behind the beads, and beautiful pieces themselves. (Oh, and did I mention beautiful ladies behind the scenes? I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and getting to know one of them, Tina, my Freshman year and I am so proud and inspired by the business she has built!) In a recent interview with Exodus Mag, Tina had this to say, "I get my inspiration from the people around me...Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and I think their jewelry should be nothing shy of that." 

...Are you swooning over this business or what, gals??? (You too, gents, because don't you even worry, Velina has a line for men. Fair and square.)

["Crossover" ring c/o David Yurman, Victoria bracelet c/o Velina- no longer available, Gold mesh + blue bead bracelet c/o Pardes, Eve bracelet c/o Velina]


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