Thursday, May 24, 2012

white hot, sheer delight

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting (...and waiting) to wear a stunning white ensemble for the coming Memorial Day weekend, but I wasn't quite sure what that would entail until I saw this post by Sydney Poulton. Not just white, people, white on white. The abundance of monochromatic looks on the Spring 2012 runway were most certainly eye-catching, but nothing quite pops or brings about such a stylistic simplicity as an all-white ensemble.

And yes, I know there are those of you out there who chose to throw the "no white until after Memorial Day" rule out the window a long time ago, along with many other respected fashionistas. And I'm not fighting ya! I have absolutely worn elements of white since January (what with embracing the "Winter Whites" trend and all--love). I simply think that an ensemble with such a great intensity of white should be saved post-holiday weekend. After all, [Midwestern] Chic would not be so without keeping some tradition in tact :)

With that said, here is one of my inspiration looks from Shopbop for the upcoming weekend. And what with the LAST DAY of their Big Event Sale, I think there's no better excuse than to indulge in this simple, yet bold, hue.
[Image via Shopbop]

Oh and PS- have you seen my listing (see right-hand side bar) for my mint condition Louis Vuitton that I am selling? Original box, dust bag AND copy of the original RECEIPT FROM SAKS included! Perfect condition, simply do not wear enough. In need of a loving home!


Monday, May 21, 2012

summer satchel

I've been in the market for a new handbag lately, simply something a little different for summer so that I have options and don't have to carry the same bag around with me on the daily.

Oh yes, if you didn't know, I had a handbag panic attack about a year ago and pretty much got rid of every single bag I owned except for a vintage gray snakeskin crossbody, my Longchamp, and my grandmother's Louis Vuitton. I don't end up wearing my LV nearly as much as I thought I would, save the crossbody for nicer occasions and anywhere I want to be "hands-free", which leaves the Longchamp for my everyday tote. And I love that bag, believe me, it is truly a perfect carry-all for anything I might need (i.e. Mac, textbooks, umbrella, wallet, spare cardi, etc.).

For summer, however, I'm not necessarily going to need such a vital catch-all all of the time anymore. I'm wanting something fun, but still neutral enough to be worn with most everything. I love the idea of a satchel, almost a 2-in-1 bag depending on which length you choose to sport it, and so many great styles!

The three satchels featured below each embody a different style to match whatever your go-to ensembles generally shape up to be! Loving the "Classy Lady" look from the DKNY Town and Country Vintage Leather Satchel (what?! I can't help it!)...

The Perfect Satchel for Your Style

Dooney bourke handbag
$318 -

DKNY vintage bag
£201 -

Monday, May 14, 2012

personal style : grad celebration

This weekend played host to a number of graduation parties and other festivities and, currently in the Midwest, we seem to be playing tag with warmer weather. One day it's 90 and the next, 75. With that comes warmer days and afternoons, but much cooler nights...which poses quite the dilemma when choosing the perfect ensemble to transition day-night!

I originally thought I would pair my J.Crew royal blue paper bag waist shorts with a black and white thicker striped tank because of the warmer 80 degree afternoon, but after seeing that a cooler 60 degrees would end the evening, I decided to rethink the tank. Instead, I opted for a chunkier knit, black and white striped sweater- equal parts cool on the bottom to combat the warmer afternoon weather and warmer on the top to compensate for the dropping evening temp!
And, of course, had to add in a statement piece- necklace.

[Shorts c/o J.Crew, Sweater c/o Old Navy- similar, Necklace c/o Express- similar]


Thursday, May 10, 2012

(arm) party in the usa

Oh Miley, that one hit wonder of yours will forever be alive in my heart. (Are you with me??)

And, what's that you say? Creative title for today's post? Oh yes, it is most definitely a Wheel of Fortune inspired "Before and After" phrase. You're impressed.

Okay, on to the actual substance of this post...
I'm having an arm party and you're all invited! Seriously, I know it's taken me forever but ya'll, I am a perfectionist with a minor case of OCD so for an occasion such as this, every detail must be artfully crafted. These are the beautiful pieces that I tend to wear on the daily. I wanted a set that would make enough of a statement without being too overwhelming, and with a design that would coordinate with anything I might wear. With that said, let me introduce you to Velina's Victoria, one of Pardes' bracelets from the Amozonite collection, and Velina's Eve! I discovered Pardes on Etsy and fell in love with the gold mesh cord and light blue bead stunner. As for Velina's beauties, I do want to take a hot second to discuss the brand- in one word...okay two words, truly beautiful. Beautiful philosophy behind the beads, and beautiful pieces themselves. (Oh, and did I mention beautiful ladies behind the scenes? I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and getting to know one of them, Tina, my Freshman year and I am so proud and inspired by the business she has built!) In a recent interview with Exodus Mag, Tina had this to say, "I get my inspiration from the people around me...Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and I think their jewelry should be nothing shy of that." 

...Are you swooning over this business or what, gals??? (You too, gents, because don't you even worry, Velina has a line for men. Fair and square.)

["Crossover" ring c/o David Yurman, Victoria bracelet c/o Velina- no longer available, Gold mesh + blue bead bracelet c/o Pardes, Eve bracelet c/o Velina]


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

hey, what's going on over there?

You may have noticed a few things going on over here at [Midwestern] Chic, and you're right! Why yes, ladies and gents, it's time for a few new additions!

You've possibly noticed the Navigation bar toward the top right of the page that I added about a month or so ago. I created this in order to have an organized hub for anything you may need- Home, My Bio, Contact Info, etc. Now, you can also find links to my Twitter (Follow me for blog updates and other fun info, and maybe occasionally a funny tweet...if you're lucky.) and my Tumblr, all in the same spot! Nifty, huh?

The link I am most excited about, however, is for the two fabulous new buttons I have created for the blog! Thanks to the wonderful help and guidance of the sweet gal over at Classic & Glam, I was able to craft two buttons for [Midwestern] Chic! (Seriously, she was such a help! So sweet!) And taking after her ingenious idea, I would love to start a "button-swap" among my fellow fabulous bloggers, that's ya'll! If anyone out there has a button for their blog, I would be more than happy to display it in the side-bar of my blog, provided, of course, that the same be done for [M].C.
Because a little cross-promotion never hurt anyone!

Here's a preview of the two buttons I've created, what do ya'll think? Any suggestions?

[Midwestern] Chic Blog

[Midwestern] Chic Blog


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

personal style : class + work

Finally! (Believe me, I know).
It's about time I start posting a few personal style posts every now and then, huh? I've been meaning to and meaning to and meaning to until "meaning to" quickly turned into "eventually will" which spiraled into "this will never happen". It's one of those things that is almost so easy, it's that easy to forget to do...and before I know it, it's the end of the day and I've already changed out of what I was wearing!

(Although I will attest that it is nearly impossible to capture a full body ensemble shot without the use of a tripod or friend at a distance. If you have a secret, do tell.)

All that to say, when I think about aspects of my favorite blogs that keep me coming back on the daily, part of that is definitely all of the personal style features out there. I love seeing how others interpret trends and different styles, especially those that tend to be more of the fashion leaders and innovators. Now, I'm not saying that I'm either of those, but I like to think I put a chic spin on things every now and again...hope ya'll enjoy!
(Again, please please please excuse the awkward poses/angles. I'll get better at this- promise!)

Today I had to make it to one final and immediately head over to work, thus I was in need of an ensemble comfortable enough to make it to class in and appropriate enough to carry me into a quick afternoon at work. I am a sure sucker for button downs, especially paired with a chunky chained statement necklace. The top knot is my go-to updo when I'm on the go and don't have much time to care for those tresses!

[Top c/o Lauren by Ralph Lauren- similar, Necklace c/o Express- similar]


Saturday, May 5, 2012

cinco de mayo, ya'll!

Still in Cape for Cinco and looking forward to a fun night on the beach with family drinking margs...well for me, virgin margs (I'm such an infant, only 2 1/2 months ya'll!)...nonetheless, so much fun. If I had planned better in packing for the weekend, here's how I would have done it...
Cinco de Mayo!

Nonoo cropped jacket
$515 -

Aztec Bandeau Cover Up
$40 -

Sam Edelman strappy heels
$228 -

Yves Saint Laurent jewel necklace
$1,595 -

Isharya filigree earrings
$435 -

[Image via Polyvore]


And PS- it's also Derby! Anyone going to break out a sombrero to rock in the stands? So curious as to how this will shake up the fabulous headgear this year!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

less worry, more focus

In two days this girl will be headed to Cape Canaveral for the weekend and I, for one, could not be in more dire need of a relaxing mini-break! Sweet time with the family, relaxing on the beach, and honoring my big bro at a wonderful gala event will make for one splendid weekend in the Sunshine state. Post-getaway, only two finals stand in my way from the summer ahead...que working in a wonderful office, interning for a fabulous jewelry designer (more to come on this, rest assured!), online class bringing me one step closer to early graduation, 21st birthday, dear friend's bridal shower + bachelorette party, and a mini-vacay or two somewhere in between...whew)!
With so many wonderful adventures and memories among all that lies ahead of me, it can be a challenge to stay focused on the task at hand and truly "live for today"...a phrase I have come across a ridiculous amount of times as of late. Take it for what you will, but I'll take it as a sweet sign from the Big Man. I know that my brain is constantly going one million miles a minute, thinking about all of the yesterdays I have had and all of the tomorrow's I will have. The tricky part is doing less of the aforementioned and finding more time to appreciate the present. For many of us, the majority of our thoughts tend to dwell on the past and what we would have done differently. For me, I really and truly have made an effort to build a life for myself in which I live with no (or very few) regrets. On the flip side, however, I tend to worry and dwell on all of the tomorrow's in my future, often leaving me little time to stop and really focus on this. very. moment. That's not to say that we can't look forward to all that we have coming up in life- there is no shame in being filled with excitement!! Rather, making a conscious effort to do away with all regret (from the past) and worry (for the future) can do a world of good for everyone, myself especially! So go on, friends, LIVE FOR TODAY!

[Image via Pinterest]

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