Saturday, April 14, 2012

au naturel

That's right ya'll, I'm talking about going au the beauty department, that is! Now, I don't mean wearing nothing on that pretty little face of yours, I simply mean it's of the utmost importance to start paying attention to the ingredients on the back of that bottle of foundation or face cleanser. I know, I know, you've all heard it before. But take it from a girl who has gone through about every sample bottle of foundation and cleanser and about every derm prescription on the market- there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can compete with the benefits you'll receive from using organic and natural beauty products on your skin.

I've used "tetra..."-this and "doxy..."-that prescriptions over and over and about a year ago, I finally reached a tipping point that had me questioning what the products that I was either topically putting on my skin and taking in the form of a pill were really doing to my skin. I did my research, and after learning about the toxins and chemicals present in so many beauty products that are detrimental to the health of our skin, even linked to cancer (CANCER, people!), it just seemed so contradictory to the healthy lifestyle I make an effort to maintain. Think about it- we live in a society of people that are truly becoming more and more committed to exercising daily and eating all natural and organic products for the betterment of their health. Yet, we continue to use beauty products- lotions, foundations, cleansers, shampoos, the list goes on- that are full of harmful ingredients and truly hurting our bodies. Needless to say, I chose to completely shake up my beauty regime for the better.

Since becoming a fully "au naturel" beauty connoisseur, if you will, the benefits have yet to let up. (And I, for one, could not be happier!) The quality and condition of my skin is one hundred times better and best of all, I feel good about the products I am using. I feel confident about the products that are now a part of my daily beauty routine and no longer have to question the harmful effects of their ingredients.

What are you waiting for! Make the "au naturel" change, my friend, you won't be disappointed!

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