Wednesday, March 28, 2012

an eye for change

Oh, hello.
Ever have one of those moments when you're only weighing your options for change in a certain area of your life, but low and behold things start to magically fall into place making this possibility a reality? Welcome to my current work life! A few weeks ago, due to a slow downward spiral in the management at the retail establishment I was working at, I began to simply skim through my options for employment elsewhere. It was important to me to find a job somewhat still related to my major (Textile and Apparel Merchandising), but after weighing my past employment experiences, I was also interested in working at a smaller, more local business. Well, you're lookin' at the newest Eyewear Consultant to a locally owned (and quite stylish) optometrist's office in the area! I wasn't sure about the job at first; Sure, I have office and receptionist experience from past employment, but it was so important for me to still deal with apparel and accessories of some sort to keep a professional relevance on my resume (regarding my major). But after one day of training, and hours of gazing around at the endless number of frames and suns (ha, which is apparently optometrist speak for "sunglasses". sure is.) I realized my inner fashionista would have no problem fitting into the job description. Of course, now I'm over the moon obsessed with every frame, especially the suns. Without a doubt, from the frames themselves to the case they come in, Kate Spade's optical design team takes the cake. Can you see why?

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