Thursday, March 22, 2012

departing dullsville

I can't explain what has come over me lately- be it the lovely spring weather we've been having lately or my desire to spontaneously change up my look- but I'm finally emerging from my neutral rut! (Yes I admit it! Despite my overwhelming love for neutrals, I'm finally realizing that it's really more of a rut that I've been in lately.) I think the final push that I've been needing to depart from dullsville and enter into a colorful oasis was the newest commercial out from Target- the one where people jump out of a hot air balloon and the old French children's song "Allouette" is playing- have ya'll seen it?! Ha, call me crazy, but I think the direction and idea of the commercial fits perfectly with this spring's trends as well as my need for colorful change!
Not to worry, I would never abandon my beloved neutrals. I'm simply realizing that the perfect balance between neutral pieces and colorful pieces can be achieved with the right inspiration, willingness to shake things up a bit, and some healthy spontaneity! 
So that ya'll can really grasp the direction I'm headed, here are a few pieces from Sheridan French's collection that have been serving as fabulous inspiration for me as of late...

PS- If you haven't heard of Sheridan, you can check her out here and here!

[Images via Sheridan French]


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