Friday, March 9, 2012

assignment : exposed!

As I've mentioned before, one of the great things about my major is the assignments I am given, more often than not, end up being ones that I am passionate about and truly enjoy doing. It's also something that I feel very blessed because of on a daily basis and I am trying to make a conscious effort not to take that for granted. As with this assignment, I was excited to write about my absolute fav fashion leader, Olivia Palermo (ooof course). I wanted to share it with ya'll because it's similar to something I would have posted about (and have posted about) and because I ended up using a more creative format than just a plain old essay. Given that I feel as though I lack in the artistry and graphic design department, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! (...Yes?)
Because the text is so small, here is what I wrote:
Olivia Palermo is a born and bred socialite of New York City, but she, alone, is responsible for making herself one of the most familiar faces and influential individuals of NYC’s fashion scene. Former Accessories Editor for Elle Magazine, Guest Editor for Piperlime, former collaborative designer for Roberta Freymann, high fashion model- her list of experience and contributions in fashion is endless. 
A fashion leader is someone who wears styles before they become popular with the general public, someone who is not afraid to indulge in the up-and-coming trends seen on the runway. Additionally, a fashion innovator is someone who adds personal touches to the newest styles and trends, someone who makes fashion pieces their own and isn’t afraid to add a personal touch by styling with existing pieces or vintage finds. I would argue that Palermo is both a fashion leader and innovator. Palermo possesses the qualities of a fashion leader by indulging in recent runway styles and trends not only before they become popular, but making them popular. She also possesses the qualities of a fashion innovator by finding new and unique ways to wear certain styles and not shying away from making an outfit her own with accessories and other existing pieces from her closet. Because of Palermo’s societal status and close relationships with many movers and shakers of the fashion industry, she is well known world-wide for her style, which is highly coveted and very much sought after by experienced industry leaders and budding fashionistas alike.
I attribute Palermo’s fashion fame and constantly duplicated style to two main things- the way she carries herself and her flexibility with mixing and matching not only textures and styles, but also price points. Beginning with the way she carries herself, Palermo exudes confidence, poise, and a fearlessness that is utterly contagious to all. Whether she is walking her dog, Mr. Butler, on the streets of NYC or stepping out for a red carpet event, Palermo is without a doubt on point with any current fashion trends while always putting her own spin on an outfit and adding a personal touch here and there. Palermo is not a familiar face hired by designer to wear a label around and promote a brand; She knows what she wants and how she wants to wear it and never fails to do so with such grace and poise, bystanders can’t help but swoon over her fearless ability to own everything she wears. Palermo is also well-known for, and well-respected for, her ability to mix and match brands and price points, making her style accessible to many different budgets and incomes. For example, Palermo may pair a high-end DVF blouse retailing upwards of $200 with a pair of floral patterned trousers from Zara retailing for a mere $70. In fact, Palermo is known for frequenting Zara and Topshop, both fast-fashion retailers, on a regular basis. 
Palermo truly has a keen eye for style, one that can only be developed through endless experience, knowledge, and a personal creativity only she could have been born with. Because of her constant style innovation and fashion fearlessness, Palermo is one of the most revered fashion leaders in the industry with a style that is unlike any other and coveted around the world.

As always, thanks for letting me share! Hope this was mildly interesting for a few of you... :)

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