Thursday, January 26, 2012

skin regimen...on to the next!

When it comes to beauty, I've always kept it pretty simple. Cetaphil-anything that ends with "cleanser" or "lotion" and I would die die die without my Bare Minerals powder foundation. A little blush, a little mascara and I'm out the door. However, being halfway into the glorious age of 20, I have quickly discovered that you can't always get by on simplicity if you're wanting to take preventative measures for the beauty disasters that are to come later in life (can you say wrinkles and sun spots?) Ugh. Thus, I have challenged myself to step it of my New Year's resolutions I am determined to follow through with. And while browsing the aisles of Sephora and Ulta have been brilliant procrastination techniques, Round 1 of "Lauren takes over her beauty regimen" wasn't exactly a success.

First Subject: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Balance

Don't be discouraged by the blatantly purple really does blend, promise! I chose this primer based on the number of positive reviews it had received. While it did make my skin silky and soft, something most primers are capable of because of the commonality in the basic ingredients of each, I really did not see any sort of skin balancing/toning quality of the product.

Second Subject: Bare Vitamins Eye Rev-er Upper

Dark circles have always been a problem for me, blame it on genetics. As a loyal customer to the Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals brand, I wanted to try this product first and foremost because of the natural ingredients, but also because of the mostly positive reviews it had received as well. The Eye Rev-er Upper may have helped with puffiness in the morning, but I saw no change whatsoever with dark circles.

Fear not, the follow-through for these two products (or rather, lack thereof) has not discouraged my efforts to add a little oomph to my skincare regimen. After more review-reading and store visiting, I have found two replacement products I am hoping will live up to their reviews...

...Here's hoping!

Do you have any products you've fallen in love with?

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