Monday, October 17, 2011

yes capes! (sorry edna...)

Shout out to Edna from The Incredibles ("no capes!" ring a bell?), only movie I've ever had to watch while babysitting and mildly enjoyed. (...Also, only cartoon movie I will probably every reference on this blog. Be thankful.)

Moving right along, it's been hard to ignore the runway trend that has crept up this fall and been commercialized to almost every department store and retail chain in the country, THE CAPE. I was skeptical for about 1.5 seconds, then remembered my love for all things fashionably-baggy (Shout out #2: Rachel Zoe!) and jumped right on board.
First seen on the Fall/Winter 2011 runway, this one specifically memorable from Rag & Bone RTW Fall/Winter 2011, but also including the likes of DKNY and Chanel, the cape was represented quite well. It didn't take long for most brands to market their own, unique cape design and here are a few I've seen thus far- the first being from Ann Taylor LOFT (which I happened to snag today for a mere $45, originally priced at $108) and the second two from one of today's Ideeli sales (French Connection followed by Renn)! Hot off the runway, the cape is definitely trending!

[Images via Google, LOFT & Ideeli]


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