Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend reflection...

Downtown shopping.
Leaves changing.
Beautiful sunset.
And sweet, sweet company.
All made up the fabulous weekend I spent with my best and one of my most darling friends around! Upon Margaret's arrival, we hit the ground running with good shopping (plenty of fall fashion, of course!), a walk on the trail including a beautiful sneak peek of a midwestern fall for the southern belle, and a delightful dinner at the winery complete with a downright gorgeous sunset! I feel as though I've been able to look back on most weekends of late and continue to rave about fabulous friends and fabulous eats (and the ability to reflect and say just that brings on a feeling of even greater blessing)! This weekend proved over and over the truth that lies in that statement.
Embrace those fabulous fall fashions, ladies, and we'll chat soon :)

[Images via Tumblr & Me!]


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