Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oh so posh

If I could keep saying "I love this, I love this, I love this" over and over without driving you madly away from this blog, I would. (And with the wonders of copy and paste in this technological day and age, that wouldn't be too difficult...) Okay fine, I won't. BUT, I'm telling you, that is how much I am raving (lusting, dying, etc.) over Victoria Beckham's RTW line. Already set to gross £60 million this year and climbing, Posh has earned her way into the fashion empire and has proven she is there to stay (as if she hadn't already with that fabulous style of hers). Retailing from $450-$1250, no different than other VB pieces of past seasons, the dresses would be a bit of an investment...but we all know the inside label might as well say "In Victoria We Trust" as you'll be walking confidently in any Beckham piece for years to come without one doubt in mind as to how fabulous you look. So foolproof. Celebs such as Eva Longoria have already been styled in one of VB's RTW frocks for recent red carpet appearances, even Victoria herself sports one of her stunners (almost) on the daily.
[Images via Vogue UK]


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  1. Thanks so much for checking out Luella & June today! What a sweet comment. I am so happy to have found your blog today. SO cute.



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