Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat!

Happy Halloween you spooky little fashionistas, you! Keep those costumes fun and classy!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

eleven in eleven

(I interrupt all things fashion on this blog to bring you an important message...)
Last night's game was so great!!! All of Missouri is still celebrating such an amazing comeback and amazing win for the Cards, such a wild season that ended with the best bang possible. What a fabulous start to this weekend...have a good one ya'll!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oh so posh

If I could keep saying "I love this, I love this, I love this" over and over without driving you madly away from this blog, I would. (And with the wonders of copy and paste in this technological day and age, that wouldn't be too difficult...) Okay fine, I won't. BUT, I'm telling you, that is how much I am raving (lusting, dying, etc.) over Victoria Beckham's RTW line. Already set to gross £60 million this year and climbing, Posh has earned her way into the fashion empire and has proven she is there to stay (as if she hadn't already with that fabulous style of hers). Retailing from $450-$1250, no different than other VB pieces of past seasons, the dresses would be a bit of an investment...but we all know the inside label might as well say "In Victoria We Trust" as you'll be walking confidently in any Beckham piece for years to come without one doubt in mind as to how fabulous you look. So foolproof. Celebs such as Eva Longoria have already been styled in one of VB's RTW frocks for recent red carpet appearances, even Victoria herself sports one of her stunners (almost) on the daily.
[Images via Vogue UK]


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


While we're having a freak week of 80+ degrees where I live (welcome to the Midwest, ya'll), cold weather is surely right around the corner for all of us! In fact, we had a sneak peek of it here the past two weeks with low 40s in the mornings and evenings, which is why I've been stocking up on knit sweaters! Nothing feels more cozy than a knit sweater over leggings or skinnies (and boots, oh so lovely), and this season there's even more fun colors and textures to choose from! All of my favorites thus far have been neutrals (shocking...) but I've seen plenty of darling styles in popping fall brights- loving all the shades of spice and berry that I've come across! What's your go-to cold weather style this season?

[Images via Rag & Bone & ALC]


Friday, October 21, 2011

queue friday

Love this image. Such a simple phrase, such grand advice. Definitely a refreshing reminder that's good for the soul and one that I will take with me on my work-filled weekend! Enjoy your weekend working, tailgating, or whatever you find yourself up to! Stay chic, darlings.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

palermo as of late

(Shocking, I know). But I've never been one to pass up the opportunity to share Olivia Palermo's recent and most fabulous whereabouts with you! Here she is at a Talent Store opening in  in Fidenza, Italy looking oh so chic in her fur vest, patterned blouse and sheer skirt! And folks, has finally launched. Yes, yes it has. It's amazing. You'll spend hours there like I did and it will be the best way you've spent your free time in a long time. Advice and styling tips galore! Ah, swoon.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

yes capes! (sorry edna...)

Shout out to Edna from The Incredibles ("no capes!" ring a bell?), only movie I've ever had to watch while babysitting and mildly enjoyed. (...Also, only cartoon movie I will probably every reference on this blog. Be thankful.)

Moving right along, it's been hard to ignore the runway trend that has crept up this fall and been commercialized to almost every department store and retail chain in the country, THE CAPE. I was skeptical for about 1.5 seconds, then remembered my love for all things fashionably-baggy (Shout out #2: Rachel Zoe!) and jumped right on board.
First seen on the Fall/Winter 2011 runway, this one specifically memorable from Rag & Bone RTW Fall/Winter 2011, but also including the likes of DKNY and Chanel, the cape was represented quite well. It didn't take long for most brands to market their own, unique cape design and here are a few I've seen thus far- the first being from Ann Taylor LOFT (which I happened to snag today for a mere $45, originally priced at $108) and the second two from one of today's Ideeli sales (French Connection followed by Renn)! Hot off the runway, the cape is definitely trending!

[Images via Google, LOFT & Ideeli]


Friday, October 14, 2011

happy homecoming!

This weekend, the University of Missouri celebrates a century of coming home! That's right ladies and gents, THE university I am proud to call my home is celebrating one hundred years of the homecoming tradition. To add to the excitement, Mizzou just happens to be where the tradition of homecoming began! Little history lesson for ya- it was in 1911 at a University of Missouri football game that alumni were encouraged to return and attend, thus homecoming commenced forth and spread to almost every university up and running today. This weekend is sure to be filled with black, gold and tiger stripes galore! So, in honor of such a momentous occasion, here are three styled ideas of how I plan to celebrate...

happy homecoming!

$600 -

DKNY shimmer dress
£135 -

Diesel black gold
$350 -

Herve Leger bandage legging
$1,150 -

Givenchy ballerina flat
€398 -

Leather pumps
$110 -

Carvela black boots
£160 -

Adam Lippes gold jewelry
$452 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors bracelet watch
$250 -

Amrita singh jewelry
$80 -

House of Harlow 1960 butterfly jewelry
$63 -

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

" on wednesdays we wear pink "

{Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf, Butterfly Kisses $118}

{Jo Malone Bath Oil $45}
{Bobbi Brown Tulle Lip Color & Pink Glitter Lip Gloss $40/set}
{Tory Burch Limited Edition Eddie Ballet Flats $178}

Don't forget October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and YOU can make a difference in the lives of so many women affected by this disease! Unfortunately, my own family and the families of many of my close friends have not been fortunate enough to escape being affected by a loved one having some form of cancer and truthfully, I think we are all affected in one way or another by all forms of cancer present in our world today. So let's do something about it! And what better way than shopping, am I right ladies? All of the fabulous products above (and so many more!) are available for purchase throughout the month of October with a percentage of or even all of the proceeds benefiting breast cancer research as well as the families of those affected. What's your fav?

[Images via Lilly Pulitzer & Marie Claire]


Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend reflection...

Downtown shopping.
Leaves changing.
Beautiful sunset.
And sweet, sweet company.
All made up the fabulous weekend I spent with my best and one of my most darling friends around! Upon Margaret's arrival, we hit the ground running with good shopping (plenty of fall fashion, of course!), a walk on the trail including a beautiful sneak peek of a midwestern fall for the southern belle, and a delightful dinner at the winery complete with a downright gorgeous sunset! I feel as though I've been able to look back on most weekends of late and continue to rave about fabulous friends and fabulous eats (and the ability to reflect and say just that brings on a feeling of even greater blessing)! This weekend proved over and over the truth that lies in that statement.
Embrace those fabulous fall fashions, ladies, and we'll chat soon :)

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Friday, October 7, 2011


Whew, these Friday's continue to sneak up on me! Leaving you with this recent snapshot of the ever-fabulous Palermo. Oh those feathers, oh those shades! A true fashion gem.

I'm off to enjoy a fabulous weekend with a dear friend flying into town and plenty of good eats- what weekend is complete without either?! Hope your weekends shape up to be as joyous as mine is turning out!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

wu me

Oh yes, ya heard me... 
Like everything in the fashion industry, it's here today, gone tomorrow! If feels as though we were all just raving about the Missoni for Target collaborative collection (which is probably because we literally just were). But, in following suit and moving right along, who is next in line for the Spring 2012 collaborative collection? None other than THE Jason Wu, that's who! We're as much in love with this idea as Wu is with Karlie Kloss' home baked chocolate chip cookies! (True story, I swear!) Although no full reveals are available yet for the collection, a teaser vid is available at Fashionista offering a sneak peek of insight into the Spring 2012 collection.

[Image via Fashionista]


Monday, October 3, 2011

faux in love

Faux In Love
This season there is one key piece in particular I am obsessing over...the fur vest. (Faux, of course!) I remember a few years back when the fur vest was more of an over the top, super fierce and glam, "high society" status sort of piece that the average fashionista may have felt out of place wearing as an everyday staple (or maybe that was just my then somewhat immature appreciation for fashion...) Now, however, a key piece for fall, I can't wait to get my hands on one of these gems to throw over any old tee and instantly spice up that outfit! I'm all over this. So many options available, too, and at every price point. Cheers! And fur all around!

Kristen Blake faux fur vest
$110 -

BB Dakota faux fur vest
$90 -

BB Dakota faux fur vest
$65 -

Forever21 faux fur vest
$38 -


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