Monday, September 5, 2011

" we all get dressed for bill "

This afternoon I ventured to the cute little indy theater in the heart of The District, the downtown area of my hometown, with my dear friends Georgie and Page to see the new documentary, "Bill Cunningham New York". Detailing the life and work of fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, this film is truly an enchanting look into the life of the charming Bill Cunningham and his ability to capture street style with unmatched talent. Cunningham is a young eighty-something photographer...and pretty stinkin' cute. He's got charm that reminds everyone in the movie theater audience of their grandfather while remaining incredibly sharp and whitty. Cunningham's eye for fashion is truly a gift and one that models and magazine editors alike (including the fashion god herself, Anna Wintor) marvel at. This movie is a gem and one that was truly a treat to see. If you've got a spare hour or two in the next few days and have a theater near you showcasing this film, you won't be disappointed!

In the words of Bill, "Fashion is...the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

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