Thursday, September 15, 2011

nyfw favs volume I : tory burch

I think every blogger in the universe has shared their top favorite runway collections from the present New York Fashion Week and I just couldn't stand to miss out on the fun! However, instead of cramming all of my picks into one post (and also to buy myself time because I am having a rough go of trying to choose a top three!!...) I am going to split them up into a series of two or three postings. Commence round one.
Tory Burch. Resort 2012.
First things first, how thrilled am I that the maxi skirt is not only carrying it's weight through this fall, but through the coming spring as well! (I know I know, "We're talking about spring already?! Ugh, vom." All I can tell you is welcome to the runway and embrace it darlin', it's going nowhere anytime soon.) Tory's white blouse and maxi ensemble was the first to have me swooning, and it was a complete lack of oxygen to my brain after that. LOVING that bright hues are remaining...especially regarding those fabulous trousers! The button up in the third pic here I feel is classic Tory Burch; red pattern with navy trim and gold button detailing, I would expect nothing less. And boat shoes, boat shoes, boat shoes oh my! So many models were sporting this preppy shoe and I couldn't be more thrilled. Some of the looks by Tory even have me wanting to call her...dare I say it...a modern-day Chanel! Well, 'Chanel-inspired' may be better wording. There is only one Chanel, but to have anyone reminded of queen Coco from your runway collection is a complement if you ask me.
Thoughts? Who were your favs?

[Images via Vogue]


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