Friday, September 2, 2011

familiarity is sounding...

It wasn't long ago that I wrote a quick little snippet here regarding Maria Sharapova and her fabulously fashionable eye off the court, so you can imagine by delight when I came across this article headlining the front page of Fashionista (a genius little fashion blog, if there ever was one). Titled, "In Honor of the US Open, Here's a Look Back at Fashion's Love Affair with Tennis", the article documents the most stylin' ladies of the court as well as tennis' influence on fashion. What's that you say? Ahead of my time? What can I say, my fashion gut for posting never fails me! (Alright, enough self gloating. Our articles do take slightly different paths...still, both are surrounding the same topic. Proud blogger over here!) Read away!

[Image via Fashionista


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