Thursday, September 22, 2011

and the winner is...

Uh, that would be Christian Dior worn by the lovely Minka Kelly, thank you.
When it came to this Sunday's Emmy's, this was by far my favorite look of the evening. I would say "for whatever reason..." but I can, in fact, list the exact reasons for you why this Dior gown stole the show for me. 

1. Navy + Black. Still LOVING this color combo. I first saw it worn by Olivia Palermo and couldn't get enough of it. Throw that rule book out the window!
2. The lace. Happy to see this embellishment sticking around as well. And it's the epitome of all feminine of course I'm dying (shocking, I know).
3. Sleeves. Clearly the fact that I'm still drawn to a gown with a simple sleeve hasn't gone away (reference here) and after this ensemble it sure isn't going away anytime soon, either.
4. Simplicity. (I'll keep the supportive reasoning to a minimum as well...bottom line: less is more.)

There ya have it, ladies and gents.

[Image via Google]


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