Tuesday, September 13, 2011

all out battle for missoni

...you know where this is going. It is a well known fact that today, September 13, was the launch of Missoni's designer collaborative collection with Target. Sweaters, skirts, housewares galore! It was a feast for the eyes...at least it would have been had any of the merchandise lasted more then three seconds on store shelves. I, like an idiot, thought that I would avoid braving the crowds and visit my nearest Target later in the day rather than wait in line like it's Black Friday at 5am. (Note to self: Do NOT underestimate the direct rewards from waiting in line like it's Black Friday at 5am.) Ultimately, too, I actually avoided nothing. When I arrived, not only was anything Missoni out of sight but the crowds were still there picking over what was left like vultures. When I say that I have BATTLE WOUNDS from taking the very last fabulous Missoni sweater from the shelves, I am so not exaggerating. But here's the beauty I managed to snag...
...fabulous right? I'm envisioning a little JBrand skinnies + brown riding boots action going on with this number. Perfection.

[Images via Target]


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