Sunday, August 14, 2011

what goes up...

Altogether now..."must come down"!
That's right kids, the hi-low hem is here for a mighty good time (and we'll see if that turns into a long time as well). Personally, I love the hi-low hem. As a student, it's a wonderful alternative to the everyday and oh so monotonous ensemble of Nike shorts and a tee worn to class; throw on a dressier but still slouchy tee with hi-low detailing and a pair of leggings or skinny jeans instead and you're just as comfortable and much more fashionable. If wearing a hi-low top, the longer length hem in the back covers your bum so you can feel comfortable wearing a tighter bottom, like leggings or jeans, while covering the areas of your figure that you're feeling slightly...shy...about. If wearing a hi-low skirt or dress, you can still incorporate and appreciate the maxi trend but mix it up a bit with a slightly shorter hemline to brave the heat or show off fabulous detailing on a pair of shoes! One brand that is bring their A-GAME with the hi-low trend is Free People...fierce.
 {Free People Sunset Beach Hoodie $98}
 {Free People Crinkle Pleated Hi-Low Skirt $138)
 {Free People Castello Embroidery Top $88}
Own this one and love it.


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  1. I definitely like that last look! Fabulous blog!


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