Monday, July 18, 2011

on the fringe

On the Fringe...
Fringe is my latest obsession. Throw on a vest over a plain tee or a skirt to jazz up any outfit! What's even better is that this trend will easily carry over into the fall and winter with that fabulous pair of Minnetonka's I have been lusting over for the past three winters! (Maybe I'll actually get around to purchasing a pair this year...) The necklace too...delicious. Ah! I simply can't stop looking at all of these pieces and wishing them into my closet! Disclaimer: I do think it can be rather easy, however, to cross the line between fringe-chic and fringe-homeless. There is nothing wrong with DIY fringe, but if you partake in the craft, or even when you're out shopping on the hunt for fringe, make sure to stay between the lines without crossing from tres chic to 'Edward Scissorhands got a hold of my blouse'!


Cropped jacket
$395 -
$100 -

Leather mini skirt
$1,017 -

Minnetonka boots
$98 -

Juicy couture necklace
$128 -

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