Thursday, July 21, 2011

brace(let) yourself

Ahhhh, I just LOVE a fabulous, frugal find. Yesterday, I was innocently browsing the likes of Ideeli, not really expecting to find much either, to tell you the truth (I've been in a shopping rut lately)...but when I came across the Leghelena bracelets at over half off I almost peed myself. Anyway, these bracelets are divine. I first saw them on Elements of Style and hadn't heard a word about them previously. Reminiscent of an Hermes cuff, which would cost you thousands, these babies ring in around only $70 to $110 depending on the size you choose BUT for only a few more days on Ideeli they're availible for a mere $28 or $35! Are you kidding?! STEAL.
Not an Ideeli member? Click here for an exclusive invite and an all-access pass!

[Images via Google]



  1. Hermes bracelets are on top of my wish list but these are cute and very reasonable I would buy it. Have a safe trip, Lauren!

  2. must. have. now. hope the sale is still on!


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