Thursday, June 23, 2011

three weeks and still goin' strong

In the past three weeks I've had wedding after work after pool time after more work...and barely any time to catch my breath in between! Three weeks prior, with everything I knew I had coming up, one of my dear friends suggested that we finally make an appointment and get the "three week manicure" we've both been meaning to try since Christmas. Upon arrival at [redacted] salon, we took our seats and began the tough task of choosing a color! Though more are available than what's shown above, I ended up choosing the color you see here at the front of the herd (though it's really a pink-orange in real life and thank you JESUS because I'm just not a neon, hunter orange kinda gal)! Two Groupons and about thirty minutes later our fingers were perfectly polished. Today marks exactly week three and my nails are looking as fabulous as ever- definitely worth another trip and a new color sometime in the near future!

[Image via Google]


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