Tuesday, June 7, 2011

clutch love

I've heard them called "envelope clutches", "carry-alls" and even simply "pouches", but whatever the official name for these precious purse-alternatives they are definitely catching my eye. Sure, a clutch is a clutch, but these babies are packin'...literally. From my brief experience, I can say they offer substantial room for all of the goodies you've always wished you could fit into a clutch without it bursting open but have never successfully been able to, that is until now! Find them anywhere, namely Etsy, especially if you want one that is unique and a little less commercialized. Are you as on board with this trend as I am?

[Images via Tumblr]



  1. I am loving these, as well!! There's one from American Apparel I keep seeing pop up around the blogosphere. I saw a DIY that one girl did with a stripe down the front and her initials- it was adorable!!

  2. I would love to see the DIY one that sounds just precious! Or even a bit of monograming maybe...


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