Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sample sale steals

"Subject: Sample Sale Starts Now! Sender: Kate Spade"
That was about all I needed to read of the email before I fell out of my chair, immediately popped up and sat back down on my chair and clicked on the link for Kate Spade's Sample Sale. Holy bargain, talk about literally feeling like I'm shoplifting an item or two that have been on my "Wish List" for FOREVER. For starters, these lovelies I spotted immediately...
{Pasadena Neda, now $75}
{Devote Mod Leopard Lacey, now $89}
{Nylon Neda, now $59}

Let's be honest, what woman DOESN'T have a Kate Spade zip wallet on her "Wish List"...talk about classic!

Next I spotted these...
{Black-Eyed Susan Necklace, now $75}
{Know the Ropes Necklace, now $109}

Fabulous, just fabulous I tell you. Pieces that are worth the investment (and when the investment's discounted, what do you have to lose!) and will last you a lifetime. DYING.

[All images via Kate Spade]


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