Sunday, May 15, 2011

the new louboutin

In case you haven't noticed (or live under a rock), there's a new kid in town. He goes my the name of Brian Atwood and, following suit with his initials, is pretty badass in my opinion. Among being dubbed countless times as a "talented up-and-coming designer", Atwood's pumps have also been given the title of "the new Louboutins". Don't get me wrong, no one is ever going to be able to fully replace the Louboutin legacy NOR would we have any inclination of wanting them to, but Atwood gives the famous red-soled beauties a pretty good run for their money. Countless celebs have already jumped on the Atwood-train and have been spotted out and about rockin' the new kicks...
...Leighton Meester in a gold, satin, closed-toe pair and Diane Kruger in a teal, suede, peep-toe pair- both are representing Atwood fabulously! (And I've already spotted a pretty dang good Brian Atwood knock-off pair or two available at Lulu's). What do you think- yea or nay to the up-and-coming Brian Atwood trend knocking Louboutin a teensy bit off its pedestal...?

[Images via The Vogue Diaries]


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