Thursday, May 26, 2011

memorial day : white hot

There are many reasons why I am so excited for it to be Memorial Day weekend already...the lake...basking in the sun atop a lovely boat...fabulous company...
Getting down to business, though, my NUMBER ONE reason for excitement regarding the arrival of this weekend is the fact that it marks the legality (at least in the world of fashion) of wearing white! Try as I might, I am never fully successful when it comes to staying true to the "no white post-Labor Day" rule so the fact that I will no longer have to arrive late to fantastic events because I've picked out a fabulous ensemble to wear then realized it was white and had to change into something pre-Memorial Day legal is a huge weight lifted! (Seriously...these are the things that stress me out. Ridiculous, I'm aware.) And while we're embracing every shade and hue of the color white, why not throw in the white-on-white trend as seen on the runway for Alexander Wang Spring 2011....
I love that it's bold, but in such a subtle way you almost have to do a double-take. I never really would have thought about layering white on white, but after seeing it I really kind of like the idea! Here are some white-inspired picks I have chosen for the perfect wardrobe for this weekend...
{Kenneth Jay Lane Gypsy Disco Earrings- $120}
I love love love these. Even if you're still not too convinced about wearing white with white, you can feel good about playing it safe when you throw on these earring with your fav pair of white jeans!
{La Mer Collections Simple Wrap Watch- $88}
Same goes for this watch as with the earrings above- nothing wrong with playing it safe! I love La Mer and I love wrap watches, this piece is Memorial Day perfection.
{Young Fabulous and Broke Range Maxi Dress- 396}
I am absolutely smitten with the maxi dress trend this season, why not add to that and sport one in white! Afraid of looking too "bridal" in a white dress (especially one that's long)? Go for something super casual and made of cotton, if you can. The ties at both shoulders and crochet-detail on this particular one ensures that the gal wearing it isn't mistaken for a newly-wed.
{Wink Nimue Eyelet Shorts- $150}
I've been wanting a pair of white shorts but have been so bored with the same-clean cut styles that I already own. The eyelet detailing on these shorts is absolutely genius and the perfect solution! Gimme.
{Vince Drawstring Linen Pants- $160}
Last but never least, nothing screams "the perfect beach/lake weekend" like a pair of linen pants! (Especially in white...) They're the perfect swim cover-up and simply fabulous for those cooler summer nights.

[Images via FashionFame & Shopbop]


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