Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fresh & exciting

Exciting news to share! I have officially received my first award in blogland! This is just such fun. The sweet (and much too kind) Julie over at Brown Eyed Belle just informed me that I was one of her choices for the "Fresh and Exciting Blog" award, originally created by Kori from Blonde Episodes. I was so thrilled and simply could not wait to pass this sucker along as I have just happened to come upon some fabulous new blogs lately myself! (And who doesn't like receiving an award that leaves them feeling accomplished and appreciated?!!) They are as follows...

1. The Southern Eclectic {Fabulous southern fashion, great writing}
2. STREETFSN {Super street fashion based, love love love}
3. Traditional Girl {Fabulous if you are even the slightest bit fluent in Spanish, if not the pictures are just as inspiring}

Congratulations all!

[Images via Brown Eyed Belle]



  1. Thank You very much!! This is my very first award andI can't believe! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours!!


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