Monday, May 2, 2011

couture turned costume jewelry

GET EXCITED because the news I have to share with you is almost as beautiful as the piece of jewelry you see before you...Proenza Schouler has plans to launch a new line featuring costume jewelry designed by their genius little fashion-forward brains! Okay, you can breathe now (and, if you're like me, jump up and down 6 or 7 times while squealing). There are plenty of brand spankin' new launches coming up in the fashion world (aren't there always?) but this is absolutely something I am pretty hyped up for as my wardrobe is practically begging for  a much needed piece of costume jewelry! The one featured here is their 'Triple Strand Rope Necklace' and can be found online for a hefty fee. My dire hope (and guess), though, is that the new collection of costume jewelry will have better suited prices tagging along as well! I know nothing yet of the whereabouts and/or further details on this fabulous announcement, but if you have any information please feel more than welcome to share! 

[Image via Refinery 29]


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