Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what are you waiting for?

From time to time, I've taken a few hits from non-believers in the fashion industry. "Caddy". "Materialistic". "A facade, nothing more". As for those opinions, to each their own. However it is 100% absolutely completely undeniable that the fashion industry is one of the greatest resources and holds some serious power when it comes to providing aid for countries in need, there is no about that question whatsoever. TOMS, Essie, and J.Crew have all recently provided prime examples...
Today, April 5th, 2011, is officially "A Day Without Shoes", an annual campaign headed by TOMS in order to raise awareness of the millions of children in the world without even a single pair of shoes. (I've written previously about the company here). New this year, Essie has partnered with TOMS by releasing a custom nail color called, "A Day Without Blues", matching the blue hue of the TOMS flag. If you have to walk around all day without your shoes on, might as well paint those toes pretty, right?
The fun doesn't stop there. J.Crew just released their "LOVE SAVE JAPAN" tee and tote for only $25 each with 100% of the proceeds directly benefitting the Japanese Red Cross Society. Find them here and here.

And those are only two of the ways you can incorporate your love of fashion into your passion to give back. Plenty of other designers are participating in similar campaigns of their own, even the infamous Tory Burch!
...Saving the world one fashionable contribution at a time...

[Images via Google & J.Crew]


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