Saturday, April 23, 2011

shoulda put a ring on it

When it comes to jewelry, I love vintage and I love heirlooms. Despite how beautiful the piece of jewelry may be, the story behind it can truly be the most stunning feature about it. I've shared with you before (here) the up and coming designer lines over at QVC that carry quite the potential, but lately I've come across something I love even more...
...product lines based on the actual pieces of jewelry worn by fabulous persons of the past. This ring comes from the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection which includes beautiful simulations of some of her favorite and most notable pieces made with real gemstones and of quite a high quality (guaranteed not to fade or discolor). This ring, specifically, caught my eye. Ruby happens to be my birthstone and I've really been wanting to invest in a staple piece that had some personal meaning to it. What I really loved about this ring, though, is that my absolute favorite Aunt owns a similar ring but with a sapphire instead of a ruby. (I know what your thinking, a certain well-known princess by the name of Kate has an identical sapphire engagement ring...but my Aunt and I will swear on our deathbeds that her heirloom ring inherited from her great-Aunt was well in circulation pre-Princess Diana, now Princess Middleton). A gift from husband Aristotle Onassis, the story behind this Jackie O. wedding ring was enough to send me over the edge into seriously considering purchasing this little number!

[Image via QVC]


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  1. Molto carino il tuo blog se ti va seguimi anche tu !!!Ciao Marcella.


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