Monday, April 11, 2011

shift & structure

One of my favorite things right now is the shift dress. So easy- throw it on, grab a bracelet and a handbag and you're out the door! There is something about simplicity in structure that makes a statement in itself. Pair the shift with a fabulous and equally as structured handbag or clutch and you're ready to hit the town!
Shift into Structure
Shift dress
$995 -

Edition shift dress
$300 -

Shift dress
175 GBP -

TopShop shift dress
$140 -

Gucci leather tote
$4,200 -

Rebecca Minkoff leather handbag
$795 -

Kate spade handbag
$395 -

Faux leather handbag
$45 -

[Image via Polyvore]


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