Thursday, April 28, 2011

like a princess

In case you've been no where to be found in the last week, it is pretty clear that everyone on. the. planet. is pretty hyped up for the Royal Wedding that will take place tomorrow- April 29, 2011. I can't deny it...I am absolutely one of those fanatics! Unfortunately, an exam taking place at the lovely hour of 8AM is preventing me from waking up at o' dark-thirty to partake in the "Royal Wedding watch party" just down the hall from me (tea and scones included). Instead, I'll have to settle for a lovely little post about what an absolute trendsetter Kate Middleton has become in the fashionable world of head frocks! If you've seen pretty much any picture of Kate Middleton recently (or not recently) you've probably already noticed that the princess-to-be loves her head pieces...and I mean LOVES. But who can blame her? Girl know's how to rock a little hair glam...
[Images via Google]



  1. She def knows how to pull off a great hat!


  2. she's so gorgeous.

    love your blog! following you now :)


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