Saturday, April 2, 2011

double take

Notice anything about the above three photos? Now, what about the two photos below...
I remember hearing a rumor when I was in about 8th or 9th grade regarding Paris Hilton and how she allegedly never wore the same thing twice. EVER. I never found out the status on the validity of this rumor. What I do know, however, is that if two of fashion's finest- Olivia Palermo and Sienna Miller- can rock the same thing twice (all the while being in the public eye, constantly photographed, and not feeling one bit ashamed about it) then so can I! Ladies, wearing an item that you love on a regular basis (especially if you wear it well) is not a crime! A statement piece is called a statement piece for a reason- it is supposed to make a statement and it can't do that unless you aren't afraid to show it off on a rather consistent basis! (However, if that beloved 'statement piece' of yours happens to be your fuzzy bunny slippers or favorite sweats, those should most definitely stay at home...hidden a dark, dark corner somewhere). Otherwise, take a tip from OP who's rockin' her fav Kurt Geiger Corso Como pumps (find them here) and Sienna who's loving her acid wash 'jeggings', if you will.
[Images via The Vogue Diaries]


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  1. Hi, sweet girl! Thank you for your sweet comment this morning. When I returned home that was one of the first things that greeted me :)

    I'm completely smitten with your blog and will follow to my heart's content!

    Happy Sunday, Lauren! xoxo


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