Thursday, April 14, 2011

closet freak...part two

Okay, when I originally posted "Closet Freak" I honestly had no intention of posting any further on the amazing, to-die-for closets featured over at The Coveteur (originally The Coveted), for that you can simply head on over to their site yourself! But, in popping in the other day to see who they had added, the minute I saw the headline "Sarah Brown: Beauty Director, Vogue. New York" I knew I had something that would be simply too good to pass up sharing! Turns out, well I was fashionably in awe and there was absolutely no stopping me from posting this. If you want Brown's bio, which is well worth the read I might add, head on over here. Otherwise, don't move a muscle and take a peek and what I've got. (Finders keepers...)
[Images via The Coveteur]


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