Thursday, April 7, 2011

celebs at their best : volume III

Here are my picks for celebs that have been coming out in full-force style lately...
Sweet Selena. She has finally mastered the art of dressing to impress, without looking too out of her age-range. I am so obsessing over the Matthew Williamson Patchwork Cotton Blend Corset top she is sporting...and is that a hint of neon trim I spy? So on trend.
Jennifer Hawkins always looks stunning...that is, whenever you can spot her of course! The girl seems to know how to stay out of the limelight whenever she feels like it! But boy, do I wish I knew where this dress and complementing accessories were from. Black+gold+blush pink=color combo perfection.
When I first glanced at this picture, the song "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun" immediately came to mind. These three fabulous girlfriends simply radiate beauty and happiness. Candace Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Adriana Lima...I know Victoria's Secret is counting their blessings!
Last but never, ever least...well, is it inevitable that Olivia shows up for every "Celebs at Their Best" blog edition? Probably. Better question- is it inevitable that OP shows up for every blog post, period? Definitely not out of the realm of possibility...I simply can't help it! The girl is the definition of style, what can I say? She'll keep you guessing 'til the end of time and she never fails to pull out an ensemble that wows.

And that's a wrap, everybody. On to the next...

[Images via The Vogue Diaries & Hills Freak]


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  1. cute post! the VS girls look amazing. Just found your blog--its so cute and girly! Following you now....please stop by my blog and follow if you like!


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