Tuesday, March 29, 2011

made in the shade

Daydreaming of summer has pretty much become my full-time job. Some of my best summer memories are the days I've spent by the water basking in the sun with some stellar ladies. Benefits include, but are not limited to: much-needed girl time and catching up, relaxation (breathe in, breathe out and repeat), and of course perfectly bronzed skin that takes your skin from pasty and dull to glowing in a snap. Careful, though, while a slightly-bronzed glow may be in, skin that is tomato-red burnt and peeling like nobody's business is simply unattractive. (Side note: too-bronzed skin turning you into the next cast member of The Jersey Shore- not okay either. In fact, possibly worse). So how should you maintain just the right amount of glow and bronze without achieving a dermatological faux pas? Learn (how and when) to embrace the shade, ladies. No need to run and hide indoors, simply grab a chic hat and a pair of sunnies and you're golden. I know, I'm not a hat person either, and if you're having commitment issues like me there are plenty of options not just in style but also in price that allow to dip a toe in the water and test out what will look good on those stylin' locks of yours. Sunnies, on the other hand, well...you can never have too many pairs of those! Here are some options to rock the boat and get you going...
{Lulu's 'Riverbanks' Beige Fedora- $37}
{Gargyle 'Super Lucia Summer Safari Puma'- $165}
{Lulu's San Diego Hat Co. 'Merry Gardener' Straw Hat- $41}
{Forever 21 Sunglasses in 'Seafoam/Dark Grey'- $5.80}

[Images via Lulu's, Gargyle, Forever 21]


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