Wednesday, March 30, 2011

chic geek : jcrew fall 2011

Hot off the press- J.Crew just released pictures from there brand spankin' new Fall 2011 collection and I am literally squealing in excitement! There has always, always been a nerdy part of me that is most comfortable in a button down and loafers, never fails. (Mind you, that button down and pair of loafers are styled as chic as possible, not just thrown on). But to my delight, J.Crew has eliminated the hard work for me and made dressing glamorously preppy an absolute no-brianer. Tailored trousers, cropped jackets, blazers, and layers- galore! And another high note to add to the bunch? Those bright pops of color we are currently seeing this spring are going nowhere- making achieving a more preppy-refined look this fall that much more...well, colorful! Look, look, look...
[Images via Fashionista via J.Crew]


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