Friday, February 25, 2011

new 'do

Short. Choppy. Bobbed. Bleached. Everyone's doing it. New hair is becoming the next Spring 2011 statement piece. Refer here for what I am talking about, and most recently, three certain celebs have taken it to the next level...
...Jen's decided to go with the short bob and honestly, I actually dig it! (Much to my own surprise...) The girl can pull off pretty much any hairstyle at this point, and she does it with class. Kate Beckinsale was spotted, rid of her brunette locks, with a bleach blonde 'do instead. Lastly, at this point I'm sure you've heard about the Bieb's new cut- though the controversy over the (now) nonexistence over his signature 'do will forever reign, I think JB made a smart move and did himself justice by upgrading to this more sophisticated (and a touch more edgy) style.

[Images via People & The Vogue Diaries]


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