Monday, January 10, 2011

survival of the fashionistas

Okay I admit, I've been teasing and taunting all of my readers with images of just how couture the coming spring is proving to be. But believe me, I know I'm only fooling all of you about as much as I'm fooling myself (...which isn't much).

It's true, every year around this time, I seem to get ahead of myself and pretend that spring is only days away when really we're only about half of the way through the winter season. That means we can all march back to our closets and drag out every peacoat, scarf, and boot we own because, sister, we're still going to need 'em!

That said, I've come up with a seasonal couture cocktail, if you will, to give a (well-meaning) slap in the face. One of my newest blog obsessions continues to provide just enough inspiration of how to continue to dress for winter weather in the name of fashion. Enjoy!


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