Saturday, January 1, 2011

make new friends but keep the old

Officially diving in to the new year, 2011 is carrying many new, fresh, and exciting fashion trends in tow. However, that doesn't mean we should start to discredit all of 2010's contributions in couture...

Courtesy of one of my favorite website obsessions, shows brilliantly the pieces from the past year that can (and most definitely should) be carried out well into the new year.

Neutrals and pastels? Check.
Menswear inspired? Check.
Vintage chic? Check.
Fabulously footed? Check.
Sequins?  Double check.

Don't underestimate the new year, though, because fashion in 2011 looks to be packing quite the punch! As shown above by Pink Tartan's Spring 2011 line, fun and flirty has finally found its wild side by adding neon and 70's inspired flare to each ensemble.

Oh, and, have I mentioned I'm still obsessed with oxfords? Surely you picked up on it here, but in case you were having any doubts I am happy to provide you with quite a fashionably inclined sneak peak at Miu Miu's take on this ingenious menswear inspiration. 


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