Monday, January 31, 2011

screen actors guild 2011: it girl

The SAG awards premiered last night and while entertaining per the usual, my hopes were seemingly brighter than that of reality for fashion this year. Understandably, though, because the bar was already set incredibly high for fashion at this year's Golden Globes and clearly that bar remains untouched...with one exception, that is. No ensemble really stuck out to me as absolute chaos, but I just wasn't feelin' the love for anything in particular either. That is, until Mila Kunis graced the red carpet with her 'best supporting actress nominee' presence. Decked out in a gown by Alexander McQueen, MK looked stunning in endless shades of red and pink. (Side note: Skinny-belted, cinched waists seemed to be the trend of the night!)


Sunday, January 30, 2011


Want to re-vamp your style without having to re-vamp your entire wardrobe? Why not start with the root of the problem (no pun intended...) - your locks! No matter how fashion forward and chic your closet may be, if you aren't starting with the right base nothing you put on is going to seem up to par. A recent trend sported by celebs including Taylor Swift, Sandra Bullock, and Emma Stone (all pictured above) involves heavy centered bangs. Be it short or long, brunette or blonde, anyone can take advantage of this fabulous re-style to replace an outdated look, bringing confidence and style to the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

[All images via Google Images]


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

well said

"Leopard is my favorite color."
- Derek Blasberg

[Images via Google, Charlie & Marie]


Monday, January 24, 2011

missoni mayhem

The above photos are from Missoni's Spring 2011 Collection which made its debut on the runway during Milan Fashion week. There is simply something so wonderfully eye-catching yet never "cookie-cutter" about Missoni, however the unique fashions won't be the only thing of Missoni's making a splash this Spring. Jennifer Missoni, heir to the fashion throne and budding actress, will be the newest addition to none other than the sassy, upper-east side chic Gossip Girl fam! (Watch out Blair Waldorf...) Only for a limited number of episodes, of course, but still what could be better than such a fabulous addition to GG? Tune in February 14th for the Missoni/Gossip Girl collaboration!
[Images via Fashionologie]


Saturday, January 22, 2011

closet freak

Oh my my my, do I have a treat for all of you! Let me introduce you to your newest and best blog obsession, The Coveted.
In their words, "The Coveted, founded by Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, is a new way of looking at the creative process and influences of some of today's most recognized global tastemakers. The Coveted takes you inside the closets of internationally influential cultural forecasters, showing us what culminates in their personal style - one item at a time."

I have always been utterly fascinated with photos and articles detailing a behind-the-scenes look at the closets of celebrities and other fashion forward individuals. I think that there is such inspiration to be found not only in the clothing, shoes, an accessories, but also in the structure and layout of the closet; How items of clothing and jewelry are presented can be works of art in themselves.

To give you a sneak-peak into the fabulous website, here's a look at the closet of Mary Kate Steinmiller, Teen Vogue's Fashion Market Editor...

[All images via The Coveted]


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

celebs at their best: volume I

The following three celebs have caught my eye in the press multiple times throughout this month of January. All are known, in their own right, for their keen fashion sense and bold sense of style but these ensembles are, in my opinion, especially to die for...

OP looking her usual stunning self at the HauteMuse magazine event in Qatar earlier this month. The dress is Alexander McQueen and the shoes are Elizabeth and James.

This must have been what CBelle was wearing when she "took" Joe Jonas from TSwift "faster than you can say sabotage" ( know, what Taylor is ranting all about in a song from her new album?) But hey, the girl looks haute in this Jason Wu number. Can't lie, I would totally wear it (to the right occasion, of course).

Oh Whit. Always keeping us on our toes with her sense of style. It's almost as if it's a daily battle or bipolar decision for her between rocker and good girl chic. Then again, who am I to say she can't show off both? On this particular occasion, though, WPort agreed to flaunt her girly personality wearing what we can only imagine are recent pieces from her collection. Partial to the striped skirt and leopard flats, surprised?

[All images via The Vogue Diaries]


calypso st. barth for target

Calypso St. Barth, the beachy-boho clothing brand seen on countless celebrities (note: Jennifer Aniston, above), is coming to Target in May of this year. Like what you see? Well, get ready to add to that excitement as prices will be greatly marked down to fit in with Target's "budget babe" reputation. For more of the fashionably fabulous details on this designer collaboration, you can read about it here and here.
[Image via Long Island Press]


Monday, January 17, 2011

golden globe glamour: 2011

When it came to fashion, the celebs brought their game faces this year at the Golden Globes, that's for sure. My favorites, though slightly controversial with some critics, were undeniable for me; Emma Stone looked lovely in a peach gown by Calvin Klein (and surprisingly, I'm loving the new hair!), Leighton Meester chose a pale Burberry Prorsum pre-fall gown that I simply adored, and Mark Salling (ladies, no drooling...if you can help yourselves) honestly who cares what he was wearing- he simply looked delicious.
[Images via Just Jared]


Sunday, January 16, 2011

catch a glimpse

Asos' Spring 2011 Collection is just enough eye candy to get me through the home stretch of this especially cold winter season. Open back dresses, flowing fabrics, strappy sandals, equally beautiful bright and neutral palates- a girl couldn't ask for anything better to look forward to.
[Images via Asos]


Saturday, January 15, 2011

olivia palermo+mango

...If you've been wondering what our fav celeb Olivia Palermo has been up to lately, look no further. Back in November she was photographed at a Mango event for their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection in Madrid. Until these photos, I was a sceptic of her new shorter hair however these changed my mind completely! (Me doubting OP? I know right...) Looking fabulous as always, and I can't say much differently for her beau...
[Images via The Vogue Diaries]


Friday, January 14, 2011

the real deal

Ladies (gentlemen you too), stop what you're doing, grab your car keys and wallet, and head to the Gap closest to you. Need more incentive? The following three photos represent exactly what I just purchased and to call it a "bargain" would be an understatement. At original price, all three top $100 and I scored them for a fraction of the price. (No literally...a fraction, 1/4 to be exact). That's right, I am the proud owner of all of the following and only a mere $25 lighter than I was before. Feast your eyes...

As for these next three, I'll be paying close attention for when it's their turn to partake in Gap's bargain act.


Monday, January 10, 2011

survival of the fashionistas

Okay I admit, I've been teasing and taunting all of my readers with images of just how couture the coming spring is proving to be. But believe me, I know I'm only fooling all of you about as much as I'm fooling myself (...which isn't much).

It's true, every year around this time, I seem to get ahead of myself and pretend that spring is only days away when really we're only about half of the way through the winter season. That means we can all march back to our closets and drag out every peacoat, scarf, and boot we own because, sister, we're still going to need 'em!

That said, I've come up with a seasonal couture cocktail, if you will, to give a (well-meaning) slap in the face. One of my newest blog obsessions continues to provide just enough inspiration of how to continue to dress for winter weather in the name of fashion. Enjoy!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

make new friends but keep the old

Officially diving in to the new year, 2011 is carrying many new, fresh, and exciting fashion trends in tow. However, that doesn't mean we should start to discredit all of 2010's contributions in couture...

Courtesy of one of my favorite website obsessions, shows brilliantly the pieces from the past year that can (and most definitely should) be carried out well into the new year.

Neutrals and pastels? Check.
Menswear inspired? Check.
Vintage chic? Check.
Fabulously footed? Check.
Sequins?  Double check.

Don't underestimate the new year, though, because fashion in 2011 looks to be packing quite the punch! As shown above by Pink Tartan's Spring 2011 line, fun and flirty has finally found its wild side by adding neon and 70's inspired flare to each ensemble.

Oh, and, have I mentioned I'm still obsessed with oxfords? Surely you picked up on it here, but in case you were having any doubts I am happy to provide you with quite a fashionably inclined sneak peak at Miu Miu's take on this ingenious menswear inspiration. 

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