Saturday, December 25, 2010

...and to all a good night

It seems to be, in my sweet family, that each Christmas manages to out-do the last and without fail the same has proven true again this year. Not only am I truly blessed with a relentless God who brings comfort and joy with each holiday season, I am equally blessed to be part of a family I am forever proud of and who, also, brings endless comfort and joy to my life. And while it is imperative to always bear in mind the real meaning of Christmas, let's be honest...the pile of presents beneath the tree are pretty great as well!

While I am blessed and pleased with each gift I received this Christmas, here are just a few that topped my list:

One of the few reliable men in my life, David Yurman. I sure will love sporting this fabulous two-toned pearl bracelet around town.

Pandora does rings? Who knew!? That's right, everyone's favorite charm bracelet now has a new friend- the Pandora Mother of Pearl Path Ring. Size 6.5, please and thank you. I'll never leave home without it!

Though I'm usually not an electronics kinda gal, the iHome happened to be something I was in desperate need of this Christmas. My alarm clock/radio circa '99 just wasn't cutting it. Saddle up iPod Touch and meet your new best friend!

Merry Christmas to all!

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