Thursday, June 10, 2010

dazed luxury

A familiar face seems to have landed a new gig with Models1. The Models1 blog recently said this about Miss Palermo, "We have loved Olivia for a long time here at Models1, but after meeting her at the Mulberry event last fashion week (with her lovely boyfriend, Models1's very own Johannes), we fell head over heels for the New York beauty! A meeting later we are THRILLED to announce that Olivia has now joined our Special Bookings division." Of course this comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with Olivia, I'm only slightly shocked this hadn't happened any sooner! (Side note: I adore this pic of OP as it is one of the few I've seen that portrays any sense of normalcy and genuine happiness about her. Cheer up girlfriend!)
[Photo via Hills Freak]

Loving the strong shouldered MM Couture mini from [redacted] boutique, but more importantly I am OBSESSED with the ivory/tan wide belt! I have been lusting over these for weeks now as they seem to compliment any dress or baggy top nicely. Lucky for me this one is priced quite reasonably at only $17.50!
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Something I've truly enjoyed lately: a fabulous read. Something I've been dreaming about lately: an apartment/home of my own...and how I would embellish such a place! A bookshelf like this one (complete with everything you see on it, of course) would absolutely be in order. A touch of refined intelligence and class, indeed.
[via thisisglamorous]

Marc Jacobs Resort Collection 2010. Fabulous day-to-night combos with that effortless Marc style. What more could a girl want?


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