Sunday, May 23, 2010

the return of fabulousness

To begin, I must appologize for my absence. After a long and grueling battle with a computer virus I did what every girl fears- I invited the Geek Squad from my local [redacted] into my home to take a look. After a few days of doubt and blog-withdrawal, I'm back feeling rejuvenated and ready for some cocktails, celebs, couture! xo

As usual, LOVING OPalermo's getup. The epitome of classy and fabulous, even loving the fringe trend. And you know I'm going crazy over the Roberta Freyman necklace- so chic! OP's obsession with TopShop has me lusting over several pieces from the website and it's only a matter of time before I give in to my inner wanna-be-Olivia!

LOVE it.

These six ladies (seven including Sonja- not pictured) have kept me pleasantly entertained on the current season of The Real Housewives of New York City. To recap- Kelly is certifiably on crack insane out of her mind, Luann continues to maintain her cougar reputation (and her OTHER reputation for dating creepy men who need to just come out of the closet flaming, let's be honest), Jill...sadly just needs to get over herself and the mistakes she's made (but gotta love Bobby), Bethenny (my new fav) is pregnant, fabulous and still managing to rattle off the best one-liners I've ever heard, Ramona is 100% still "The Ramonacoaster", and Alex has seemingly grown some major backbone since last season! Sonja, the new housewife, is a daily dose of SATC's Samantha which is simply pure entertainment. Could not survive without these women- they're my off-season OC Housewives.

Absolutely must purchase this in the near future. (Additionally, LC's newest book will mark the beginning of my "Must Read" book list for this summer. LOVE!)

Vogue's Top 10 Summer Sizzle List for 2010:

1. A tiny white bikini, for poolside iced-espresso sipping.
2. A high-waisted Hollywood-goddess swimsuit for frolicking scenically in the surf.
3. A slim-cut, mannish jacket to wear over numbers 1 and 2 as an unconventional cover-up.
4. A zebra-striped bad, big enough for a bottle of SPF 30 Creme de la Mer and several ebay-ed copies of Fleur Cowles's Flair.
5. A chunky white wristwatch.
6. A wide-brimmed hat. Those passe porkpies never were much use in the sun.
7. A white minidress, possibly sliced or cut here or there. Yes, white is everywhere.
8. A blouse with an I Love Lucy print. Leopard spots? Polka dots?
9. Bangles that look like they came from a market in Zanzibar, to wear on both arms.
10. A perfectly weightless pastel chiffon dress, for wafting down lower Fifth Avenue, pretending it's 1938 and we're inspiring Irwin Shaw to pen "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses".

It's good to be back.

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