Friday, May 7, 2010

luxurious logic

I simply cannot get enough of the stack-and-layer bracelet trend and I truly feel I cannot live justly through this trend without picking up this gorgeous bracelet from Juicy Couture! (A little fierce? Maybe...But unquestionably fabulous.) I haven't been keeping tabs on JC at all lately, however if they continue to come out with this level of fabulous that might just change!

SO wish this was me right about now...

I knew there was a reason I liked Miss Palermo (despite the fact that her attitude can, at times, be less than attractive). Looks like Olivia P and I tend to shop with an identical state of mind- that no wardrobe is complete without a little Ann Taylor. Was I surprised to learn that Palermo has an obsession with ATaylor that's almost as inexcusable as mine? Slightly. But what a fabulous break from the norm for her. Refreshing. [Side note: LOVING everything about this combo]

On to more kind-of-surprising-but-not-really discoveries, Kelly Bensimon and Jay Lyon...really? Who would of guessed The City's Whitney Port's ex would be hooking up with The Real Housewives of NY's Kelly Bensimon? Oh wait, considering the fact that she has to be one of the most ridiculous cougars in housewife history and he's just an overall famewhore...ME. I would have guessed it. Definitely no surprise here. Sorry Jay, you'll never again land a girl like Whit. Whoops, your loss.

Speaking of couples, here's one the previous could learn from- Tom and Giselle. It's impossible not to appreciate the fabulousness these two radiate. Gotta love it.

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