Saturday, April 10, 2010

perfectly luxurious

Um, brilliant choice of not only ensemble but accessories, Miss Patridge. (And by 'accessories' I'm clearly referring to the very full Chanel shopping bag.) Impressed.

I'm dying right now. Chanel + soft pink + subtle feminine detailing= fabulously on point with the current trends. These are classic glamour. Love.

Ahhhh, the simple luxury of fresh flowers. These will be a weekly must when I am finally an independent homeowner.

One trend that I sincerely hope never ceases to exist: the scarf. Be it winter, fall, spring, and even summer you'll likely find me sporting one of these to coordinate with every outfit. There's such an ease and simplicity that comes with wearing a scarf; they add instant pizazz to any ensemble with a subtle glamour that can't be beat. The fact that I'm moving very much South in four months might put a slight hitch in my current scarf obsession...but I'm sure I'll come up with a fabulous solution one way or another!


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