Sunday, March 14, 2010

ooh la la!

When I grow up, I want to be VBeck, but you already knew that didn't you...

Channeling our inner 'Johnny Weir' today, are we Givenchy? Yeah, I thought so.

Because if we have to save Africa one pair of vegan, burlap Toms at a time, they can at least be decked out in sequins, can't they? :)

Holy MTV. (Have I mentioned I adore these three galpals?) Just so precious! Esp love Lo's style, partial to her as usual.

Speaking of reality TV, if I could dispose of money as quickly and efficiently as Olivia Palermo, I'd pretty much duplicate her style to a tee.

Soon it will be sunny afternoons on red sandy beaches and summer evenings dancing in the moonlight. But for now, it's the weekend and nearly spring, and I, my friends, am much delighted by the thought of slowing things down, just a little, even if only for a few lovely & languorous days . . .
[via thisisglamourous]

If you're ever inclined as to what I daydream about...THIS WOULD BE IT. What I'd give to live the privileged life , roaming the streets of Paris, wearing my CLouboutins.


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