Friday, January 29, 2010

nick nacks and a glimpse of summer

Though her last major money making movie extravaganza we can just pretend never happened [ahem, GI Joe. Seriously- VOM.], I serisouly think Sienna Miller is just stunning.

I want- this book. She's the boss I'd down right love to hate to work for from "The City" and she just came out with this juicy coffee table read. CAN'T WAIT to flip through it!

I was flipping through my closet the other day and realized...I LITERALLY have no denim shorts. After going through my fair share of short-denim fashion faux paux's, I ended up getting rid of all of my "too-tight", "t00-short", and "too-not-me" denim shorts. Oh yeah, and I NEVER REPLACED THEM. Yes, I have plenty of time to fix this mistake given that it's sadly still February and freezing in the Midwest, but you know me- always on top of things! [Also- where in the world is Niki Hilton? Better question- do we really care? No. But here's how to get her adorbs outfit for less!]

I'm OBSESSED with Lily Dawson Designs' new embellished wrap! Definitely something I will be investing in soon...or [in an attempt to keep my wallet heavy] something I will soon be attempting to re-create. We'll see how that goes- purchasing it will be Plan B.


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